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THE DREAM iS GONE [entries|friends|calendar]
Chris Trousdale Fans

Chris Trousdale Fans
It was magic when we met, and I never will forget
Baby, after all is said and done - the dream is gone.

‘Cause I just don't understand, we had the future in our hands
Baby there's no way to carry on - the dream is gone... [x] [x]
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Check this out [ 03.05.09 @ 12.18pm]

Check this one out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIOHVU7kQfA

Jesse's Birthday Present From All Us Fans! [ 03.04.09 @ 06.02pm]

Fans on his Kyte channel and fan club message boards were/have been chatting about getting a BUNCH of his fans together to buy HDYS like 3 times each on itunes so that it can be number 1 the week of his birthday. SO, just imagine how powerful of a statement we would make as fans if we got HDYS sleep to be number 1 on itunes, radio, and every other avenue possible all the same week, just because it's his birthday! We think/decided we should totally ban together and show the world just HOW MUCH WE LOVE JESSE AND HOW POWERFUL WE CAN ALL BE AS HIS FANS!!

Looking for "Chains" audio/video [ 10.22.07 @ 10.03pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey everyone. I'm looking for any decent audio/video links or files of Chris's song "Chains". I would love to have a studio version of the song, but will settle for a high quality live one.

This is being posted in every Chris site/blog/group that I can think of...so please forgive me if you see this more than once. XD

Please send any links or files you have to sugarmuffin1572@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance!



[ 05.04.05 @ 12.52am]

the biggest fan is available for preorder on AMAZON! http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0007P0XL4/qid=1115190060/sr=8-1/ref=pd_csp_1/102-4665613-9125741?v=glance&s=dvd&n=507846 .. hee!

[ 01.11.05 @ 04.24pm]

hey girls, i just joined. my name is laura, im 16 & live in NY. near chris! ah! haha

well lately ive become obsessed with chris and decided to look for communities of him. i found this one!
do you guys happen to have any graphics or icons of chris?

feel free to add me =)

oh yeah, do you know if he has any sort of tours or shows comming up in NY or somewhere around that?

[ 12.24.04 @ 12.23pm]

Hi :)

I tried to go onto the Biggest Fan website except it is not working. I've been searching for that movie for so long and now the darn site won't work. This sucks.

Does anyone know when the solo album is coming out?

[ 11.17.04 @ 07.21pm]

anyone know when the new album is comming out?

The Biggest Fan [ 11.13.04 @ 10.50pm]
The Biggest Fan movie has a new official website here. The website is very badly designed, and has hardly information on it, but at least they haven't forgotten about it. It looks like you'll only be able to purchase the DVD online, and it'll be for sale around Valentine's Day.

This annoys me. If it took this long [2 years?] to get it out, shouldn't they at least sell it in other stores? I understand not in theaters, but you'd think they would have done at least enough promotion to have it sold other places.

At least they have tons of pictures on the site. ♥ He looks so young there, I miss those days.

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